The First 100 Days

Today marks 100 days post the election of Anthony Albanese’s election to the Australian Parliament as our PM. He and his government have already made an impact on our country in many different ways.

To this point in time the government is, without doubt, communicating its intentions and logging its actions and accomplishments in a way that brings notice of what is happening to the attention of the Australian public. All will augur well if this same level of communication is maintained for the whole of the present electoral cycle.

Of course there is idealism and altruism built into some of the intentions of government, but factual and concrete outcomes seem to be the ambition being pursued.

The government has not spent its first months in office crowing about winning the election. Yes, of course there was celebration and an inner sense of satisfaction with the May 21 outcome, but the government has gotten right down to the business of governing. There has been no trying to guild the lily over things that are wrong; rather an admission that areas of key shortfall including covid outcomes, labor shortages, minimal wage adjustments and galloping inflation are challenges that have to be surmounted.

Internationally, the government is working assiduously to re-establish the credentials of Australia with overseas governments.

Granted, it is early days yet – but the Albanese Government has made a good start. It’s first 100 days in office are worthy of appreciation.

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