May all workers be blessed in their employment.

May employers and employees work together in unanimity and harmony.

May employers and employees acknowledge and act in a way that recognises their rights and responsibilities toward each other.

May openess, honesty, transparency and happiness impregnate each and every workplace.

May employees always be people willing to work a little later rather thank knocking off a little earlier.

May employers be considerate toward their employers in terms of renumeration and recompense.

May employees and employers work in harmonious consideration toward determining leave entitlements and holiday arrangements.

May both respect the rights to privacy of the other.

May both raise issues and concerns with each other face to face and never in a snide or clandestine manner.

May advice and suggestion be offered willingly and openly each to the other.

May praise and appreciation be part of the relationship employers and employees share together.

May a positive tone, quality harmony and fulfilling atmosphere be a part of each and every workplace.