The NT road toll for 2018 is alarming, extremely alarming. Not for a moment would I trivialise its seriousness. However, there is a need to consider a few specifics that add to our toll. These go beyond the direct impact on drivers of alcohol, drugs, phones and speed.

* The parlous state of many of our outback roads. We have more gravel and unformed roads than most of the rest of Australia.

* The ‘bragging’ by ‘heroes’ on Facebook and social media when they’ve drive dangerously and arrive early. Others seek to emulate.

* Pedestrian deaths arising from people sleeping on roads being run over.

* The number of tourists in hire vehicles who are not used to our vast distances.

* The promotion of speeding and risk taking driving by car and vehicle advertisers.

* The excessive power of vehicles that are on the market for purchase.

* Road fatalities and injuries caused by the drivers of stolen vehicles.

* The bravado that can overcome drivers urged on by peers, passengers, and crowd encouragement. That ‘attitude’ is rife up here.

Just some points to consider.

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