The events of the past days do nothing other than to convince me of the short sighted, self-centred attitude of many politicans. ME FIRST is the way it seems to be. Talk about a mess. And what a ‘wonderful’ leadership example is being set to us all, all 25,000,000 plus, by this political horde.

Seven Prime Ministers in ten years, with PM after PM being rolled! What a wonderful example in ‘caring, sharing’ leadership is being set to our up and coming generation. And what a display of ‘democratically stable’ government we are displaying to the rest of the world. The instability and the lack of surety about our politics caused John Keys, when New Zealand Prime Michael Minister, to wonder which Australian PM he would be speaking to, if making contact.

The Federal Political happenings in Australia during the past decade confirm one rather sad truth.

The Coalition and Labor Parties are both united when it comes to putting on a display about Australian politics to the rest of the world.

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