We largely rely on the vagaries of weather and climate to somehow environmentally monitor cane toad movements. In dry times, toads somewhat disappear or at least confine their activities to permanent waterways. During the wet, the toad population propagates, explodes, spreads and invades ever wider territory areas.

Thanks to Frogwatch and the endurance of many of its members, notable Graeme Sawyer, toadbusting excursions help when it comes to physical management of these amphibian scourges. However, there is very little if any government money offered to Frogwatch and the organisation is largely on its own.

I believe that the City of darwin Council, the Palmerston City Council and the Litchfield Council should each provide an annual grant to Frogwatch. This would help support the organisation with the defrayment of costs and support its development of educational materials. Some of the money might well go toward controlling the pestilential creatures which have become the blight of our lives.

A government minister several years ago, likened the toad issue to that of controlling flies. That analogy was drawing a long bow. There is no way flies and toads can be compared in this way. Toad management support is needed.

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