Over the years, I have heard criticisms of Indigenous Australians for being insufficiently focussed on the future. I have heard criticism directed at the fact that the past – ‘dreamtime’ – is too occupying of their thinking and reasoning.

While agreeing that future focus is necessary, my feeling is that we need to learn from the attitudes and thinking of the First Australians.

People, particularly political and organisational decision makers, become so focussed ON the future that they discount the past, the circumstances that have lead to the present in which we find ourselves. There is the future, future, future – as far as the eye can see and the mind’s eye imagine.

There is today, and yesterday. But before yesterday – nothing, at least nothing that counts or is worth remembering. And certainly, past actions do not impact upon and inform future decisions. That is part of the reason decision makers and leaders keep revisiting and making past mistakes.

The PAST, present and future should ALL play roles in establishing societal direction. The three perspectives of time are like a tripod. Only when all three are grounded, is balance achieved.

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