On March 11 1993, at a conference conducted by Professor Andy Hergreave, participants were asked to write what they thought was a realistic futures prognostication. We were seated 10 to a table. We were asked to table our statements. If a tables statement was agreed to by another person at the table, she or he was asked to place their statement on top of the tabled comment. If not, they were to put their statement at a different place on the table. Statements were upturned to be read by everyone.

I wrote my thought and placed it on the table. One by one, all group members read what I had written. They moved their statements to sit on top of mine. The feeling at the table was unanimous.

My statement read as follows.

The simplicity of the world in past times has been enhanced and disadvantaged by modernism.

The more the knowledge, the greater the pace.
The greater the pace, the less the concern for individuals.

The faster we go, the more sophisticated we become and the broker we get.
We are increasingly bankrupted in personal, social and economic terms.

This downward spiral may temporarily halt but will never correct.

Twenty five years later, I feel my ‘forecast’ is still on the money.

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