It annoys me greatly that all baby boomers are tagged with being less than productive, people who grew up through life with no thought for the future and a generation now prepared to leach off the sweat of those who are contributing their taxes to baby boomer pensions.

In my case and for others I know who ARE boomers, this is unfair labelling and I must respond. The use of ‘baby boomer’ as a label with negative intent is unfair and unjust.

I was born in February 1946 so am one of the oldest boomers. When I retired it was on superannuation not on a pension. I had super from the mid 1970’s and built it up over time. I remain in that context.

And yes, I saved and always lived and will continue to live, as an OLD boomer, self sufficiently. There are many baby boomers of the same ilk, people who worked hard, paid their way, saved and during their wage earning years, supported the country through the taxes they paid.

And all this in large part during an era when superannuation schemes were still being developed.

So please, don’t generalise. My hands are not on the throats of the young who are paying taxes as they are NOT keeping me. Indeed, I am still levied tax and contribute to the welfare system supporting many nowhere near my age.

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