Many years ago when I was a small boy, banks used to be friendly customer centric places. Bank managers knew their clients. Tellers were personable and interested in customers. They always had time to talk to people; people used to like going into banks because of the friendly and positive atmosphere that existed.

Fast forward 55 years and the banks I used to know, no longer exist. Gone is the friendly relaxed atmosphere. If you can “find” a real live bank with real life people inside, they’re interested in pushing people through as quickly as possible. Especially if you don’t want to borrow money or take out a loan. Banks these days are all about making money for shareholders.

I get the feeling that staff in banks often feel insecure, looking over their shoulders most of the time because of some sort of “measurement” of their performance. They dare not be too friendly or take too much time in dealing with individual people because “time is money”.

Shareholders are paramount. So too, is turnover and making as much as possible in as least time is possible. Atmosphere in banks is no longer friendly. There is often a feeling of some sort of latent hostility.

I liked banks in the olden days. These days I am a credit society person.

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