The ‘Last’ Speech is from the heart


One of the characteristics of leaders and politicans I find interesting, is what they say on the last occasion they speak as CEO’s, Politicans or others in the public eye. For years and years these people tend to push the organisational line that may be less than fulsomely reflective of their own particular viewpoints. Then amazingly, their last deliveries juxtapose on what they may have been saying all those years while occupationally engaged.

Many come out with a ‘what is wrong’ with my organisation, even to the extent of remonstrating about the trends and directions that have been followed. This may include criticism of parallel organisations which would be unheard of while these people were still deeply embedded within their occupational roles. In no way would they speak out with any honest counter-conviction while still engaged in work, lest they be or be confronted with contract termination.

While these final salvos may be from the heart, they also expose the speakers as being somewhat hypocritical. These speeches confirm that conformity has been a dominating personal paradigm. While listeners may think or exclaim ‘hear, hear’, over speech sentiment, they may lose some of the respect they have had for the speakers in past times. To that end, while identifying with the truth of the speech, they may become disillusioned because what is being said, was kept under a shroud of silence during years that could have seen a positive difference made through change practice.

People become the slaves of organisations and remained shackled until they sever formal ties.

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