I am an old man and thankful that I have lived most of my life in a context of where PRIVACY WAS PRIVACY. Privacy wasn’t talked about like it is these days, but it was a quality or an entitlement that we had.

No longer. There is a lot of talk about ensuring and guaranteeing privacy, but that is all pie in the sky. Governments, agencies and instrumentalities know everything about everyone. Watching and listening devices are everywhere. From cameras, to drones to satellites, there is nothing about anyone that is not discoverable.

The latest quirk is that of the Brisbane City Council wanting CCTV cameras to be enhanced or supported by listening devices, so that passers by can be both seen and heard. If that intrusion is allowed, watch it proliferate into other cities and towns and centres which are under survelliance.

George Orwell got it wrong. He only imagined the half of what it would be like in his ‘1984’ Its much, much MUCH more intrusive than he ever prognosticate.

I praise the Lord that at least my thoughts are still private but fear the day will come when the innermost of human sanctums will be desecrated by intrusion.

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