Aging is a funny process. You may ‘look’ old but quite often don’t ‘feel’ that aged within your mind. You appear old to others and are often treated accordingly. That can range from derision and discounting to the according of appreciation and respect.

Age is something often beholden from without, but not necessarily felt within by the aging one.

Practically speaking, one has to know her or his physical limitations as she or he gets older. Without that caution, there can be unnecessary and hurtful consequences. Falling, accidents and other altogether avoidable setbacks may occur.

A strange phenomena about ‘age’ is that it is often anticipated with dread by those who are younger and considering the futures of life’s pathway. Yet on arrival, you wonder what the fuss and worry was all about.

Being prepared in terms of planning when young for financial security when older sure helps! Being old, poor and dependent on others for everything is NOT recommended.

From Henry at 73

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