As a senior reflecting upon the times in which we live, it seems that we are never out of election mode. That is especially the case with federal politics, for the day after an election result is declared, campaigning for the next election begins. This constant direction of our gaze to the future and what futurist government will deliver, deflects our attention from the present. We are never quite sure what is being delivered here and now.

Quite apart from the deliberate nature of this deflection, is the fact that constant campaigning is a big time turn off. Many people become so saturated with the political wind-up that they shut off completely and join the droves of those considered to be apathetic. Disinterest in politics is both stimulated and promoted by the harping voices and often repetitive messages of politicans.

Meanwhile of course, many politicans make personal hay while the sun shines upon their electoral success. Base salary aside, the benefits that accrue while they are in office are humungus. Go online and look out the generous add on benefits and largesse they receive and you will see what I mean. Post office benefits they generate by way of pensionable recognition and other entitlements, ensure they are permanently rewarded.

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