Anti-vaxers have been out there preaching their message for a good long time – years in fact. And now we are starting to see the results of their preaching and the extent of their influence. Suddenly we have outbreaks of measles and an urge being placed upon people to attend to vaccinating their children and themselves at all costs. Measles are making their presence felt in some force.

Complacency is a part of the problem, but the influence of the anti vaccination message has also had a negative influence on the way people think and feel. Be it deliberate or by accident, our adherence to vaccination programs has slackened and our children are the sufferers.

I also wonder whether, at some time in the future, as child or children denied vaccination by parents, will turn around and sue those parents for their neglect. Especially if the non-vaccination has wreaked havoc on those children’s lives.

Consider also this juxtaposition. Many parents who are anti -vaxers, have the benefits of immunity because when they were children, THEIR parents saw to it that they were vaccinated.

Doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it!!

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