There is a spate of property damage being livid against industrial, commercial, retail and businesses in the NT like never before.

This invasion extends to the home front of people’s domiciles and vehicles.

Often (and with perceived justification) magistrates are canned for judicial leniency when dealing with young criminals – many of them recidivist.

Punishments for juveniles and young people in terms of crime against property and people is more than the magistrates issue.

Magistrates, along with the Northern Territory government and the community as a whole has been hogtied by the royal commission into juvenile detention. The commission gave a carte blanc open ticket to offenders because punishments were going to be so minimal.

The commission has been a blight on the Northern Territory. It effectively took away what should be a logical conclusion to the issue because consequences for actions were discounted by the Commission’s recommendations.

Recommendations the Government swore it was put into place.

Crime in Darwin, Palmerston and in fact around the Northern Territory is out of control. It has always been an issue but never more so than now.

It is true to say that crime in the Northern Territory is indeed an epidemic.

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