THE Royal Commission into Aged Care will confirm that cares for the aged in homes is in a dreadful place in Australia. My feeling is that having aged care connected with the private sector listed on the stock exchange, immediately fills me with suspicion. If the motive is profit and shareholder benefit, then what price the care!

I understand that some patients take a lot of management, especially those whose dementia and deterioration manifests itself in aggressive and abusive behaviour toward staff. But the care overall for everyone has to rise above the levels it seems to have reached.

It seems that those in care homes need the support of family members visiting every day to look after the needs of the elderly. That is not going to happen without family support and patients will be left in useless limbo and static, motionless existence for hour upon hour each day. To aid this passivity by medicating patients is also an alarming thought, if the aim is to induce a zombie like state.

The though of going into aged care fills me with absolute dread. Euthanasia if and when that time comes is a far better option.

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