I firmly believe that a sense of hopelessness about the future is contributing to the shroud of gloom settling on and in the minds of far too many young people. Suicide can be a way of escaping the bleakness of a confronting outlook about what lies ahead.

So often the future looks to be kaleidoscopic at best and maybe a black hole at the worst end of depressed moods. Hope about a better are more decent way forward is a prospect that seems to dangle from a very thin thread.

The way in which young people view the world is hardly helped by the depth of confusion into which it is being thrust by politicans and many organisational gurus whose concern is with ‘here and now’ short term policies.

Another issue for me, is the influence of social media on the thinking, actions and reactions of young people. Without doubt, a great deal of the social media essence plays on the minds of young people. This ranges from cruel comments and character stripping levied by callous comment, to the macabre influence of the far too many hideous online games. Games that devalue life and highlight in the taking of lives of the characters in the game. The crossover that can occur from imagination to reality is not hard to envisage.

What price the future?

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