I don’t understand why those who volunteer and where that volunteering costs, are not able to claim any of those costs from personal taxation.

For six years, from July 2013 until June 2019, I wrote a weekly column for the Suns Newspaper, circulating as a community paper in Darwin and around the NT. This had a personal cost which included printing ink, paper, and other stationery requisites. Because I was volunteering my columns and not being paid for my copy, I am not able to claim expenses associated with research, preparation and writing.

This issue extends to include a cost recoup lockout for materials which I have produced for magazines and online sharing.

I am a retired person who has written material for a number of organisations, all of which have been voluntarily shared. I am not making any call about this issue for my time, but simply cannot understand why material costs associated with my work in print, blog and sharing for the sake of supporting others (many in paid work) cannot be claimed.

Any understanding others may have would be appreciated.


Henry Gray

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