There are two levels of crime being committed with monotonous frequency, which are far too leniently treated if perpetrators are apprehended.

The first of these is possibly the lesser of the two evils although there are worldwide implications. I’m referring to “hacking“, the deliberate breaking into Internet sites by those with intent. Sometimes that intention might be mischievous on other times it is malevolent and has deliberate criminal intention.

Hackers when caught and regardless of the seriousness or otherwise of their transgressions tend to be very lightly treated. That is particularly the case for those who are under 30 years of age.

It is these younger ones who often have a more sophisticated knowledge of what they are doing than those who are older.

For these crimes and not withstanding the distress and inconvenience they cause, a slap on the wrist as often all that happens for those going to court. Crimes can result in major dislocation of industrial, commercial, economic and domestic communications. It’s this major inconvenience and often huge cost of correction that needs to be taken into account when sentencing takes place.

It is time to up the anti on dealing with hackers and their associates the scammers.

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