Scott Morrison talks about our our country as being happily pluralistic and blessedly multicultural. He describes us as being peaceful, prosperous and an example of living harmony. We are unified and together, not divided and pulling apart from each other. Our unification transcends our division.


That might be a stranger and a beautiful theoretical concept of analysis. It might even be the way Australia is by comparison to some countries of the world with violence based on ethnicity and religion is more obviously to the fore.

Beneath the surface and out and around in the community, things are not a salubrious as Mr Morrison might suggest.

Our prime minister needs to spend time in the community in the same way as did the prince in the “The Prince and the Pauper”.

The way is always prepared for the arrival of Prime Minister‘s and people of importance and they don’t see these things they really are. With respect, I think that the camouflaged appearance is one that’s presented to our Prime Minister.

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