I normally only listen to the Federal Parliament during question time. Today however, I was driving along and decided to listen into what was going on in the House of Representatives on the ABC channel 105.4.

For the best part of an hour I listen to a debate alternating speakers between the government and opposition on the topic of infrastructure, expenditure, and enhancing the economy generally. Not a great deal of meaningful information as forthcoming.

Firstly we had government speakers bragging, boasting, and self congratulating about how wonderful the government was and how much was being done to enhance the lives of ordinary Australians. The Venera self-congratulation was was being laid on so thickly that it was quite sickening. I meant the self-congratulation government speakers took every opportunity to lambast, ridicule and deride members of the opposition.

When it came to a position speakers, revisiting “dreamtime“ was the order of speech delivery in order to remind everybody of how good the opposition was when they were in government. Along with that came plenty of tearing down of the government for perceived and actual inaction and limp wristedness in managing challenges being confronted.

So, meaningless debate and wasted time.

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