Casuarina Shopping Centre, especially the carpark up the Woolworths end, is a dangerous place to leave vulnerable vehicles. A hose reel unfurled and scooters tipped over and with mirrors ripped off, was but one youthful escapade yesterday afternoon. Helmets were torn from the scooters and pitched out into the open.

The activities were undertaken by indigenous teenage girls who were skylarking and having fun fights.

In the aftermath I was aware of powerless security guards, a police presence which arrived but was a waste of time and an an abusive parent who seemed to be the mother of one of the girls. Vile language from the girl to the mother was part of the family exchange with part of the verbal being the parent defending the actions of the child to security.

One scooter owner talked to me. He was distressed as his funds are limited and he now has a repair bill to fix his damaged scooter and is not sure how he will manage. I gathered his scooter has suffered previous damage at the shopping centre.

Aberrant behaviour at Casuarina is going from bad to worse. This was just one incident mid afternoon. This was in the main downstairs car park, near to the bus exchange and not far from travellators into the centres shops.

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