Today begins the NT New’s unveiling of our 120 most powerful Territorians. The suspense has been overwhelming and I feel more excited about who will be revealed in the days ahead, than a child waiting for Father Christmas. (On launch day)


The progressive abrogation of traditional celebrations that have long been part of the Australian life is both sad and alarming. Forsaking Christmas, Easter and Australia Day for the real or imagined discomfort they may cause to Indigenous Australians and overseas arrivals is disingenuous. This is about capitulation and will add to discord rather than building relationships within society.


Council worries that suburban brothels would lower property values. Integrated housing policies, street wastescapes and environmental neglect have already sent house prices tumbling into freefall territory.


The assault of paramedics answering emergency calls has become a skyrocketing trend. They should absolutely refuse to attend callouts likely to expose them to danger without an accompanying police escort.


‘Disgusted Passenger’ (letters, NT News, 16/12) is spot on in calling out drunken and antisocial behaviour which is a Darwin hallmark. It’s apparent not only on buses but in our streets, the mall and shopping centres. Sadly, it is a major remembrance of our city and suburbs for far too many visitors. It also constantly besets the sensitivities of local residents.


The Territory’s number one focus seems to embody alcohol and drinking. Dan Murphy is the tip of the iceberg. A major consideration needs to be costs of everything from rehabilitation to salaries for the army of alcohol police. Consider hospital costs, paramedic engagement and the blight on community of drunken behaviour including damage to property and injuries to people.


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