I believe it essential for court proceedings in the Zachary Rolfe matter to the relocated from Alice Springs to Darwin. If matters remain in the Alice, we can expect social and emotional reaction that will threaten public order in that city. The situation has not been helped in the aftermath of the sad Yuendumu incident by the injudicious comments of some notary public’s.

The Anindilyakwa Land Council is using mining royalties money to secure 24/7 solar generated battery supported power for Angurugu on Groote Eylandt. The council deserves plaudits for using royalties payments for community benefit. Too much money derived from royalties is frittered away, with communities then putting it on government to rectify their problems. Plaudits to the ALC for the council’s initiative.

The government (Territory taxpayer) is shelling out $400 million for the shiplift, with $300 million repayable with interest to the NAIF. Paspaleys will operate the facility and reap all profits. When questioned on this as a business practice Treasurer Manison said the shiplift for Territorians was “less about generating revenue and more about growing the economy.” I do not understand the logic of government shouldering the debt and giving away profits that could be used for offsetting the debt.

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