Fuel Loads – Australia’s own doing and Undoing

They have been several good articles published in newspapers in recent days that look at the issue of fuel loads in forested and woodland areas and how the increase of this debris and undergrowth is impacting upon the ferocity of bushfires devastating our country.

One in particular which appeared in the Sunday Territorian last Sunday is worthy of a read. It is one of the best pieces on the subject that has appeared in print in a long time. I will post it if possible.

Without doubt, climate has changed and the changes have an impact on conditions under which we live. They also play a part in shaping short-term weather and the long-term climatic outlook. However, the fact that we have well and truly departed from protecting our environment through what used to be has a burning reduction programs is absolutely crass and totally stupid.

It is high time that the government (At Federal and state/territory level) stopped its silly nonsense of acceding to the views and the attitudes of greenies and environmental protectionists. Their positions are proving to be the undoing of this country.

The first thing that needs to happen, immediately,Is the convening of a COAG meeting to put a firm Australian government stamp onto new management policy and sensible direction.

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