Election Year

Yay! It is 2020. Football wise we are in the last quarter of the four year political game leading to the Territory election. Watch as ‘Team Government’ goes all out with promises and exhortations, all the while hoping that the Territory memory of the first three quarters (years) will be expunged.

Power issues in Gove

Power outages for lengthy periods of time in Nhulunbuy, although often notified, are far too regular and ongoing. When the town loses power, it is often for hours on end. This makes for both domestic discomfort and substantial losses in trade (and sometimes perishable stock) for businesses.

This problem is years old.

The scourge of arson

Swinburne Uni professor James Ogloff said about 50% of bushfires were lit by firebugs (arsonists) because blazes excited them. 183 arsonists have been arrested and charged during this bushfire season (Australian 7/1). Cautions and minimal sentencing seem to be the general judicial response. A far heavier hand, including murder charges, is warranted for this deliberately criminal conduct.

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