For Darwin to be appealing to tourists, the place needs to be a city of substance. Tinsel and glitter including ‘tropical lights’ do not appeal to those who want a real and natural rather than artificial and created experience.

Congratulations to residents of Santa Teresa on being acclaimed the tidiest town in Australia for 2019. It would be wonderful if Nhulunbuy, the tidiest town In the Territory for the next round of recognition, could also take the top Australian gong. This would give the town a real boost and promote it as a place attracting tourists.

It is a good thing that the role played by arsonists in starting bushfires is starting to be recognised and given public airing. It might be wise for authorities to establish an arsonist register. At the start of every fire year they should be detained in custody until the season is over. They should also be fitted with ankle bracelets for 24/7 monitoring.

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