Arson is a major and terrible crime. It is wicked and evil in any circumstances. However, the temerity of this evil affliction is no more so than when arsonists contribute to the propagation of bushfires that burn homes, kill livestock, destroyed property, and take human lives. And no more so than when looters go into areas that have been so destroyed, foraging around and taking what they can before devastated homeowners can return to sift through the wreckage of their houses.

I believe that arson and looting are the most grievous of sins. And the evils being absolutely highlighted during this Armageddon like fire season.

Authorities have established a register of paedophiles and those who sin against children. In a similar what vain I believe that an arsonists register should be established. At the start of every fire season arsonists should be entered and remain so until the end of the fire season. I would be looking to them being placed in a remote location like the Curtain Airbase in Western Australia. They do not deserve any better than this for the harm and the grief that they wreak against society.

Looters should be recognised in a similar sort of way. As looting is a crime that can happen in all sorts of circumstances that go beyond bushfires, registering them and then fitting them with ankle bracelets to be worn 24 seven 365 days a year would be a fitting penalty.

These people do not deserve any consideration other than a visitation upon them of appropriate and realistic penalties for the crimes they have committed.

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