◦ 85% of business, industry and commerce managers cannot be wrong in portraying the government as “poor” or “very poor” financial and economic managers. Truly, the Northern Territory is in the very parlous economic position. It is time for affirmative action not more spin doctoring.

◦ —-

◦ I feel sorry for Dr Palmer at RDH being told by the Chief Minister to manage beds that he does not have to manage. The hospital is under resourced. There need to be more beds available for the doctor to do the job with which he is charged. Trite political responses do not fix the problem.

◦ —

◦ So David Tollner reckons a treaty with Indigenous Territorians will benefit the NT like an elixir. Well, it might. But there was no elixir about the performance of the CLP Government, of which he was a key member, when they last held office. It is easier said than done!

◦ —

◦ It is a good thing that the role played by arsonists in starting bushfires is starting to be recognised and given public airing. It might be wise for authorities to establish an arsonist register. At the start of every fire year they should be detained in custody until the season is over. They should also be fitted with ankle bracelets for 24/7 monitoring.—

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