The impeachment in the trial of Donald Trump is nothing more or less than a load of crap. It’s a load of codswallop because it’s a process that isn’t going to go anywhere. Attempts to impeach Donald Trump are going to backfire against the Democrats as surely as eggs are eggs.

This motivation by the Democrats to impeach Trump Against alleged interference in the internal affairs of the Ukraine may or may not have substance. Trump may or may not have withheld money that have been voted to your brain by the Congress until an agenda item being negotiated between here and the Ukrainian president had been carried through. Doubtless, the motivation of the Democrats toward impeachment has been filled by countless other incidents that have taken place under the presidency of Trump.

But at the end of the day the impeachment, carried out by the Senate with its Republican Majority will find Trump not guilty and probably on all counts.

This whole process which is occupied democratic minds for months and even the last two or three years is going to be something causing that party grevious outcomes associated with self immolation. The party is long winded focus on bringing this president and done is doing nothing but cruelling presidential election chances for a member of the party.

When the impeachment is voted down in the Senate, Democrats are going to have precious little time to regroup and get on with a decent presidential challenge. Furthermore, to many Americans members of this party is just going to turn into a laughing stock, the collective butt of ribaldry, joking smirking and negative social media.

There will be nowhere for this party to go but out the door at the next Presidential election. In short, democratic stupidity is going to guarantee Trump another four years as a Republican President of the United States.

Regardless of intent, the actions by the Democrats are the highest order of crass stupidity.

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