So David Tollner reckons a treaty with Indigenous Territorians will benefit the NT like an elixir. Well, it might. But there was no elixir about the performance of the CLP Government, of which he was a key member, when they last held office. It is easier said than done.

Plaudits for the new security system at the Darwin Airport. For years replaced joints have meant zapping and public treatment with the wand and tap downs every time I have ventured there. Now the joints show up on the screen and I am not subjected to this individualised and highly public treatment. The new way is much more humane.

Hundreds and hundreds of people in Alice Springs have signed and are signing a petition asking for a youth curfew. Similar curfews have been periodically advocated for the past 30 years. This one won’t get up either as it will be seen as an infringement on the nocturnal rights of young.

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