In terms of our economy and growth the NT is languishing behind all other Australian states and territories. Treasurer Manison is reported as saying things are looking up. The only way is up, for we have reached rock bottom and don’t want to start digging.

I am ever so thankful that Colin Wicking’s comments are not going to be stifled by rule changes to his insightful and incisive comments. His comments are a barometer on the Territory, accurately reflecting the way things in economic and political terms.

The issue of travel entitlements for spouses of politicans is not right. Up to three trips per year for those who are members of Federal politicans families flies in the face of common sense. There are politicans and the rest, the privileged class and those who have to self resource.

None of the top spots for an affordable lunch provide for traditional Australian fare. Those wanting meat and three veggies will have to starve.

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