While responsible citizens including the majority of our young people sleep at night, the nocturnal miscreant class creep out and wreck our cities, towns and communities. We are forever rectifying damage and cleaning up mess! This makes us a reactive Territory with the proactive agenda of damage and destruction set by the underclass who sleep during the day while the rest of us try to clean up the mess they create.

The NT News story about the “Biff brothers” and judicial outcomes is alarming. The weak kneed court response suggest that racial abuse is a serious issue only if directed at Indigenous Australians and is okay if initiated by these persons.

Bet the judicial response does the rounds in America.


The deleterious impacts of excessive alcohol consumption and drug use make the NT front and centre in negative news releases far too often. This negative colouring of the Territory to the eyes of the world does nothing for our reputation.


SARS, the Hendra virus, Ebola and now the Corinavirus! And what comes next? Bats have got a lot for which to answer.

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