I have lived in the NT since 1975.

The highlight of our governing came during the Perron Years of Chief Ministership. The slide beyond those years was gradual at first but as time passed, started gathering more than a gentle momentum. For mine, we really started a steep dive south on the day Adam Giles rolled Terry Mills as Chief Minister. And now the ‘southern swing’ is taking us south at a rate of knots.

And we talk about statehood!



There has been a big nexus, in fact a huge gap, between what is stated as being done and what is actually done to support service people who are going through difficult times.

If this new commissioner can close the gap and if they can be real support rather than just lipservice offered to support those who are suffering, that will be a good thing.

I would sincerely hope that the commissioner can examine what have been significant shortcomings between what is stated as being offered by way of support and what actually has been offered into this day is being offered.

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