The Toyworld franchise and Orrcon Steel have been iconic Darwin businesses for decades. It is so sad that they have been forced to join the lengthening queue of NT business enterprises that have gone to the wall in the past few years. The best to owners and employees looking for new occupations.

The odds are out in a first call on the August Territory election. It’s the incumbent Gunner Government by a short half head at the moment. However, the odds will surely establish more firmly after the Johnson bi-election on February 29. Our extra ‘leap year’ day will be very special.


There are pros and cons about using the retired Inpex Village as an isolation centre for those returning from China and other overseas areas impacted by the Coronavirus. Government must be careful not to get carried away by short term economic gains that might overshadow longer term health consequences for our community.

The successive waves of cruise ships destined to dock in Darwin over coming weeks pose a catch 22 situation. While tourists will boost our economy, there could be a chance that among the temporary arrivals are people hosting the Coronavirus. Sharing that with Darwinians would be spine tingling.


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