Police uniform

Matt Cunningham’s call for Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker to return our ‘boys in blue’ to police in khaki is timely. Members of our force are special and were always positively identified in their pre 2012 uniform. The dark blue replacement strip has not been enhancing.


Older suburbs faced living ruination

Dr King Roman’s letter to the NT News (17/2) asking for public housing tennant screening is spot on. Too many locations in the suburbs of Darwin and Palmerston are being disrupted by tennants who have no care and consideration for others. Older suburbs are becoming places of nightmare living.


Lambly right on $70 million Royal Commission

Good on Robyn Lanbley for articulating a concern felt by hundreds I’d not thousands of Territorians. Many believe the Royal Commission has created a situation that restricts authority in the management of aberrant and delinquent youth behaviour. “Go softly” seems to be the position taken by law enforcing authorities and the courts.


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