Crime Rates – up or down?

It’s interesting that on the one hand Police Department statistics show that there has been a decline in rates of offence against property and people on a territory wide basis, whilst other statistics show that we are the worst state or territory in the country for these sorts of offences.


Politicans travel costs

The NT News confirms that travel costs affirm just how interested our politicans become in remote area communities in the period of time immediately prior to elections. It would be good if that interest was spread across the full term of government, rather than ‘sudden remembrance’ just prior to elections.


Where are the children? Why they have gone on the train!

Loved the NT News commentary on the five boys who stowed away from Alice Springs by clinging to the outside of a train before eventually deperching at Hugh River. Hugh River is 149 kilometres south of Alice, so the lads had a nice long ride before being “…transported back … and into the care of their responsible adult.”


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