Bushfire Control

Council laws on clearing and removal by burning of accumulating debris have been the undoing of many places during this bushfire season.

The way in which the fires have razed the country also cleaned up a lot of the fuel load. Common sense would suggest that this now be kept clear by regular removal. That would not be hard to organise if the responsibility for removal was apportioned by way of outsourcing responsibility to locals.

Support might be augmented by allocating working visas to backpackers and others prepared to do this work as a part of their entry conditions.


Cruise ships and Coronavirus

I read a paper on ‘The Conversation’ (UK edition) that suggested cruise ships were prepared for quarantine in the case of a coronavirus outbreak. The ‘Diamond Princess’ may have been PREPARED for quarantine but the processes of quarantine operation has been abysmal and indeed disastrous in terms of application. That ship turned into a hotbed of infection.

Meanwhile, you would not catch me on a cruise ship under any circumstances whatsoever.



Successful businesses consider their people working within as well as the product or services they offer or sell. Happy employees build a quality of positive atmosphere within the organisations for which they work.

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