Boris a dad again

If procreation over time and through decades is taken into account, British PM Boris Johnson must be in the running to take out the gong of UK Father of the Year for 2020.

Youth crimes condoned and excused

No better example of misplacing responsibility for action than the Royal Commission into Juvenile Detention in the NT several years ago. This $60 million extravaganza came up with recommendations that interpret as the need to go softly on the crimes of young people. These are the young people, admittedly a minority but a voracious minority, turning Darwin, Alice Springs, Katherine, Tennant Creek and other communities into cities and towns of victims.


AAP on the blink

AAP has been a wonderful friend and revealer of news, ACCURATE news for many years. My thanks to this organisation and its outstanding staff. We will miss you. Google news is less and Facebook revelations and atrociously poor substitute in revealing the news of the world.


Four bins to differentiate Melbourne rubbish

The bins will look very pretty and stand like tall soldiers on the sidewalk on collection days. Can’t wait for this extension of material types for bins to be visited on Darwin, where many people have trouble differentiating two bins. Confusion will reign supreme.

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