Things are tightening economically and the government is pumping billions into keeping the country afloat. It will be interesting to see if the new prioritisations by people see a reduction in the amounts spent on alcohol, cigarettes and gambling.


If schools are closed provision will have to be made for the children of doctors, nurses, medical support staff and child care workers. and so on. Without this support there will be a major drop off in medical and related professional staff able to go to work. This surely means some schools will have to be partially opened to provide for this care.


The NRL competition should be terminated immediately. The players and support staff are on borrowed time and without doubt some level of player/coach/support staff/ infection is just around the corner. There is no chance the season will reach a conclusion. Neither can families cope with fathers and partners being in long term, cotton wooled isolation.

Why is trading allowed to continue on the stock market? The environment is surreal and the world in a new phase of downturn occasioned by the Chinese Virus. It would make sense for trade to be suspended for the next three to six months.

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