Well over 1,000 Territorians gave responded to the Government’s matching people to available jobs, expressing a desire to go fruit picking. This change of attitude to an occupation that has been shunned and assigned to backpackers during past years is amazing. Hopefully, the value of such work will remain post this dreadful virus.l

For TAL to discontinue insuring doctors against COVID-19 risk is reprehensible. This insurer states on the web, “at TAL we’re dedicated to supporting you and your family when life leaves its mark”. Some dedication, when our doctors are out there trying to save our community – and in all probability TAL having to pay out on others who might otherwise succumb to this virus.


I believe the Northern Territory Government would be well advised to put the August election on hold for at least three months. Queensland’s local government election last weekend was a debacle! Physical distancing was not practised. We don’t need that for the NT. It would undo the good work our government is doing around managing the COVID-19.

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