Scott Morrison asked us not to travel abroad, to stay home. Then we had 16,000 people leave on planes for overseas holidays. We had people leaving for wonderful times on cruise ships.

We had tens of thousands of Australians leave on various overseas holidays LONG AFTER the virus was circling the earth.

AND they want bringing home.

AND they want looking after.

AND they won’t social/ physical distance.

AND they breach self quarantine requirements.

SO do people like me say ‘thank you’ to them!!

Are we supposed to say ‘thank you’ to those returning with the virus they picked up while overseas. Are we especially supposed to say ‘thank you’ to those who, knowing the virus was starting to manifest itself around the world, non-the-less left on holidays overseas? Are we supposed to weep about the fact that common sense seems to be a commodity in short supply when people seek self-gratification notwithstanding risks to themselves and unfortunate others?

NT Virus positives up to 21

Once more, ‘thank you’ returning travellers who went overseas after being advised not to travel abroad. Do you want us to appreciate your selfishness and non-care for the community as a whole.

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