It seems that too many people are inclined to think the coronavirus is a relatively short term affliction. They speak as if the virus will be done and dusted within a few short weeks. COVID-19 will be with us for many, MANY months. We need to gear our minds for thinking about it’s being within the community and us all being on guard against its infiltration for a long time to come.


It is a relief to know that the Royal Darwin Hospital is better placed to manage the coronavirus than had been the case before additional funding allowed for the reopening of dormant wards. Hospital preparation and readiness is reassuring for Territorians. However, we must remain constantly vigilant and aware of our personal responsibilities toward countering this wicked virus.


It is timely that the Australian Government is extending visa limitations for backpackers who are still here from overseas. If they were not able to pick and pack vegetables and fruit, our agricultural and food processing industries would be cactus.


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