Filthy spitters and deliberate breachers

Anyone spitting on health professionals serving our community at ANY TIME, should, in addition to substantive fines, be photographed. Their photo and name should be published on one of the front three pages of the major paper(s) serving their state. This content should be included in print and online editions of the paper.

Those breaching self isolation requirements should be treated in a similar fashion.

There is a fair chance that fines will not be paid. They should not be allowed to go unpaid and steps should be taken to retrieve the value of issued infringements. I would suggest that default on payment should evoke an automatic community service order under supervision. The rate might be an hour to be served for each $5 of the fine still owing.

People need to act responsibly and grow up. There is no room for the sorts of behaviours described – not now and not ever.

COVID-19 Scammers are a special class of ‘dog’

All scamming is evil but those setting yup to scam people during these times of coronavirus vulnerability are a special class of low life persons. They are akin to vermin. All who scam upon the weakened and the vulnerable at this time if caught, should be subjected to public identification. Their profiles and evil deeds should be publicised. They should not be entitled to privacy. They deserve to be identified to the public at large.

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