I admire the resolute way in which our Chief Minister has lead the government response against COVID-19. His ability to withstand populist pressure to chop, change and make concessions that go against the long term counteractive agenda has been his strongest quality. Thanks to Mr Gunner we know EXACTLY where we stand on most issues.


With airlines reinstating some routes, it is to be hoped that physical distancing (in terms of passengers booking in, going through security, boarding and deplaning and seat allocation) is maintained. Plane travel has the potential to lead to community spread of COVID-19.

This meme was sent to me and offers wise advice to those wanting coronavirus restrictions to be prematurely lifted:

” The curve is flattening, we can start lifting restrictions now” =

“The parachute has slowed our rate of descent; we can take it off now.”

Let’s make haste slowly.

Health Minister Fyles is absolutely right to be concerned about about futures when it comes to the coronavirus. I am ever so glad that she is not being swayed by short term, self interested advice. It is not hard to imagine a North- East Tasmanian situation and the impact a cluster would have in any of our Aboriginal communities. From a health viewpoint, she has the Territory’s back and for that we should all be grateful.


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