Allowing people to dip into their superannuation has been altogether a wrong concession.

Allowance was “to make ends meet” but 2/3 of the expenditure has been in lifestyle and discretionary expenditure. This unwise decision will haunt them in years to come.


We can anticipate a rush of people from communities back into Darwin and Palmerston once biosecurity borders are lifted on June 5. I pray that law and order will continue to prevail and that public behaviour, often occasioned by the consumption of alcohol, will not deteriorate.


Forgive the 12 yo girl who helped a peer break into an Adelaide bank while she was on bail for an earlier offence. It’s not her fault.

It seems that in the eyes of many connected with compliance with the law she is too young to understand the gravity of such an act.

In fact, according to a growing chorus of those within support organisations and the legal fraternity, she cannot be held to understand the difference between right and wrong until she is 14.

Is this attitude for real??


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