Territorians cannot fail to be impressed by the quality and calibre of candidates for the August 22 election who are being unveiled by their respective parties. With 77days to go (June 6) we can look forward to hundreds of media stories thousands of political pamphlets and a festoon of facial flutes adorning public spaces everywhere.


Prior to the election our government should reveal the state of Territory finances. The leaders of our three major political parties should consider and debate the issue of financial repair and their intentions for the NT in a debate that is covered by media. Voters deserve to be furnished with the facts about our financial position. Vagaries on the issue are not good enough.


The revelation that pubs, clubs, entertainment and gambling are the most important things to celebrate as COVID-19 restrictions lift is amazing. It seems that the more serious aspects of life and living are less important than the opportunity to indulge in costly social pleasures that do little to correct the management of household budgets.


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