It will take a lot more than street art to attract many people back into the Central Business District.I think I understand some of the reasoning behind street art and have made suggestions in the past about recording and producing material artefacts that people can purchase. Details about the artwork, its creation, the artists, and other background information could be useful.

I’ve doubt very much that anything will happen along the lines of any permanent recording but that should not be the case.

That aside, it’s going to take a lot more than street art and minerals on buildings to attract people into the CBD. There are too many underlying issues to do with social protocols and behaviour that need to be corrected – however very little is done about those things.

It seems to me that the major focus of the City of Darwin Council and various other organisations set up to look at developing the CBD I only ever intent on considering things from the viewpoint of tourists and tourist attractions. Somehow, the CBD needs to be made a place more relevant to those of us who live here. That’s particularly the case for those in the suburbs.

Slim Dusty in one of his songs once described Darwin, at that stage a small and quite insula city as “the big heart of the north“.

Sadly and unfortunately the notion of the big heart has been replaced and Darwin City has become rather a dead heart.

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