BLM and other rallies proliferating around Australia are obviously playing a part in the incidence of recent COVID-19 cases. But the major danger is the attitude of complacency that seems to be embracing the thinking of an unceasing number of people. The virus has the capacity to impact the lives of every Australian and to think otherwise is foolishness. Awareness and vigilance needs to be constant.


A lot of the cautionary patterns of our initial living with C-19 have been watered down, in large part because of quarantine fatigue and general impatience. Those changes, coupled with a misplaced belief in invincibility, could be our undoing.


It irks me that TA and CLP politicans have been sniping at the Chief Minister over NT border closure almost from day one of the lockdown. Border closure has been totally necessary and that is still the case. Our Chief Minister cries more about people and lives than about money and business profit derived from arrivals who could be C-19 carriers. All credit to him and the values he espouses.

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