June 26 2020 was a sad day in the history of newspaper production in the NT. The print version of the ‘Centralian Advocate’ is no more. The online alternative will provide some comfort to readers but nothing beats the reassurance of a ‘paper paper’ in the hands of readers.

Thanks for the years of the CA’s print version.


Businesses and residents in Nhulunbuy were AGAIN faced with a loss of power. This time m from 10:45 pm on 25/6 until restoration mid afternoon on 26/6. The power was out for 17 hours and kisses by some businesses were substantial. Short and long power outages, usually without notice, have regularly occurred for the past 18 months. Businesses are being disrupted and residents lives impacted by the lack of a predictable and guaranteed power supply.


Who wouldn’t want to be like Mr Lantry and collect $2310 a day to support the TA leader. This may have been casual employment but north of $9K for four days is good take home money. I’d LOVE to know the weekly salary bill for the parliamentary staff cohort supporting the three major parties. Bet it’s well north of $1 million.


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